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By Leslie Brubaker

This ebook facilities at the reproduction of the Homilies of Gregory of Nazianzus produced in Constantinople round 880 for the emperor Basil I as a present from the patriarch Photios. The manuscript contains forty-six complete web page miniatures, so much of which don't at once illustrate the textual content they accompany, yet as an alternative offer a visible remark. imaginative and prescient and which means in Ninth-Century Byzantium offers with how such conversation labored, and examines the kinds of messages that photos may well show in ninth-century Byzantium.

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Imil,. ! O that ofr. ,i, . gr. one hundred ten; the format and deco~~ri<>n hand over. diversified . ; E. g. Cavallo ('977), "'p. 98-99. • Sec J ulien uroy (1961). , Sec ASlfUC (")74) and Mo .... y (t9h) . LO Sec Brock (1971); Declerck (t976, 1977, '9787"9); Accorinti (I,}? O): Nimmo Smith ('99')' " Weitz mann ('911b), 87-1l8. ,Ir. creation LOCALIZATION AND DATI:: Th~ localization and dat~ ofParis. gr. 51O rely on the disturbed first gath~ring of the manuscrip t (if, A-C). Folio A, now a si ng! ~ sheet, initially had ~ bhnk recto: the m~nuscript ~ppar~ntly ope n~d with the portrait of Chris! on f. Av (fig. l) . Folios Band C shape a bifolium which rem~ins imact, yet has b~en r~v~rs~d. ll T hc miniaturesof th e Empr~5S Eudokia (d. 882; f. Bf: fig. 2), a move (f. Bv: fig. }), a s~co nd pass (f. Cr: fig. 4), and the Empe ror Basil I (867-886: f. Cv: fig. five) ar~ now in fallacious hierarchical ord~r: Basi! sho uld come befo re Eudoki a, an a rrang~m~ nt proven via th ~ vem: framing the empress's port rai l whi ch starts off ' Basil, em peror of th e Romans, pr~coo~s yo u ... '. '3 Thc reversal occ urred whereas the manuscript used to be in Byz. antine arms, at your time after the center of th e 10th century - while th~ minia turist of the Leo Bibk co pied th~ unique disposition of {vvo cross~s framing d~dicatory snap shots '4 - yet earlier than the past due founeenth C~llIury, while the verse enframin g f. Br used to be copied onto f. Av: 15 had th~ unique order nonetheless been retained, the tra nscri ption might now seem on f. Cv. Folded co rrec dy, th~ bifolium's origina l disposition of a go (f. Cr), Basil (f. Cv), Eudokia (f. Br), and a last move (f. Bv) resembles a commemorative diptych with external crosses ~nclosi ng pictures. IG Henri Bordier rightly r~jec ted Berna rdu s de Montfaucon's opinion that the preliminary collecting co nsti wted a lareraddition to the manuscript: 17 epigraphy, colou r, and decora tive detai ls of ff. A-C fit thei r opposite numbers within the remainder of th e boo ok. although the entire frontispiece miniatures are undesirable ly broken, the body on f. Av duplicates th~ alternating quadrilob~s of headpieces on If, }16v (fig. forty seven) and 427r, and the facial modelling of th~ boys on f. Br is so just like that of the frontal angels on f. 67v (fig . u) that th~y needs to hav~ been painted through an analogous hand. IS we can't divotce the frontispiece minialUrcs from the remainder ofParis. gr. 51O. The imperial photographs of the frontispiece seque nce supply robust facts that th e manuscript used to be produced in Co n srandnopl~, ' nine and make allowance us to dat~ it with a few precision. Leo and Alexander are d~signated d~spomo n f. Sr,! O a titl e that Leo a ttain~d in 870, and Alexander so metime kfore the midd! ~ of November 879: Basil's ddest son Constantine (crowned 867/8), who died in September 879, is nnt "Stt zero .. N",~i . n (' 96:). 198; ,h" is inaccurate, notwithstanding, in d .. ing . h" rev ...... 1to tho r60o. rebind_ ,ng. U Stt chap'~' -t . ,. V>< ... g. gr. l . If. ! f-JV; Minidill" ('90j), pl •. 3-6; Duf. en ne . nd C. na" (]988), ' 9-10 . Th is rcl. ,ionship h. , b«n n",,,d by way of m. long island previou> ",hoi ..

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