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What does a tender guy bequeathed £500 and an elephant with a flavor for liquor do? Adrian Whistle thinks he has the reply - he will supply her to the circus. however it is not so easy.

Together Adrian and Rosy minimize a swathe of terror and destruction in the course of the peaceable geographical region of southern England. inebriated or sober, Rosy spreads chaos in her wake, until eventually her hapless sufferers declare the total majesty of the legislation opposed to her . . .

'His uproarious first novel.' Daily Mirror

'Comic havoc!' New York Times

'Enchanting . . . fantastically told.' Scotsman

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Incidentally,’ acknowledged Adrian, together with his mouth complete, ‘what half are you enjoying? ’ ‘One of the Sultan’s harem,’ stated Ethelbert with no batting an eyelid. ‘It’s a really exacting half. ’ Later, once they had performed the washing-up, Ethelbert dressed himself in his open air outfits, which consisted of an Inverness and a deer stalker cap of vast dimensions. Then they hitched Rosy to the capture and made their manner into the city. Adrian was once astonished while he observed the theatre. even if Ethelbert had informed him that it was once a wide one, he had no concept particularly how huge, and the facade with its Doric columns, its flying buttresses and Gothic home windows, argued that Mr. Clattercup should have acted as his personal architect. ‘I informed you it used to be big,’ acknowledged Ethelbert in triumph, thrilled at Adrian’s astonishment. ‘Darling boy, it’s whatever they’d be happy to have even within the urban, and I’ll allow you to right into a mystery. ’ He paused and seemed around furtively. there has been not anyone inside earshot except Rosy, so he leant ahead and whispered in Adrian’s ear: ‘It’s received a revolving degree! ’ He stepped again to determine the influence his phrases could have on Adrian. ‘Revolving degree? ’ stated Adrian. ‘The guy needs to be mad. ’ ‘He is, darling boy,’ acknowledged Cleep. ‘It’s a dangerous mystery. we will astonish the viewers at the first evening, so don’t inform a soul. ’ ‘I won’t,’ stated Adrian, ‘but I nonetheless imagine he’s mad. It should have fee him handsome profit. ’ ‘This,’ stated Cleep, waving his hand on the architectural conglomeration that faced them, ‘is Clattercup’s final nice paintings. this is often the monument that he has equipped for himself in order that he'll pass down in background. Now, you wait the following with Rosy, pricey boy, whereas i'm going in and spot him. ’ Adrian and Rosy waited patiently out within the street for part an hour or so until eventually out of the theatre flitted Ethelbert, by means of a tubby little guy dressed a little incongruously in a cutaway coat and striped trousers. ‘Adrian,’ stated Ethelbert, ‘this is Emanuel S. Clattercup, our mentor. ’ ‘Oh, aye,’ stated the mentor. ‘’ow do? ’ ‘I am rather well, thank you,’ stated Adrian, shaking arms. ‘Understand you will have a job,’ stated Clattercup, peering a little nervously at Rosy. ‘Well, certain, if it have been possible,’ acknowledged Adrian. ‘I concept that because you have been doing Ali Baba a bit of of jap pomp can be in protecting, and Rosy’s rather used to donning trappings etc. ’ ‘Aye,’ acknowledged Clattercup, ‘well, she will be, wouldn’t she, coming from er . . . from eh . . . coming from the place she does. ’ ‘She behaves,’ stated Adrian, colouring a little on the falsehood, ‘extremely good and I’m certain that she might lend a undeniable anything in your express. ’ ‘Je ne sais quoi? ’ steered Ethelbert. ‘What’s that? ’ requested Clattercup suspiciously. ‘It’s French for I don’t comprehend what,’ defined Ethelbert. ‘What jew suggest, you don’t recognize what? ’ stated Clattercup. ‘What I mean,’ stated Ethelbert, ‘is that it’s French, that means ‘I don’t understand what’. ’ Clattercup stared at him wall-eyed for a minute. ‘I ’aven’t the least bloody proposal what you’re speaking about,’ he acknowledged finally.

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