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  • From the start of background, halflings have lived side-by-side with humanity, residing in human towns, adopting human customs, and seeing to the typical wishes of people as chefs, entertainers, and menials. instantly not easy operating and lackadaisical, cozy at domestic yet prepared to depart straight away if the perfect chance comes alongside, halflings are a examine in contrasts. They’re additionally dependable, good-natured, and the most effective partners an adventurer could have. And now, in the end, their secrets and techniques, tradition, ideals, and lore could be published! Pathfinder participant significant other: Halflings of Golarion offers Pathfinder RPG gamers every thing they should play halfling characters, bringing a race that each one too usually slips into the historical past entrance and center!

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Caravans in Katapesh pay dearly for halfling staff to make sure a secure and straightforward journey. Head chefs of manors in Magnimar wouldn’t consider working a kitchen with no halfling servant to make sure the bread rises and the butter comes jointly. Bards making a song for his or her supper in Andoren taverns depend on the “lucky halfling” for a hot reception. but halfling good fortune is either extra and not more than a superstition. The sharp-eyed self assurance of halflings makes them prepared and prepared to grab possibilities that come up and perform harmful initiatives with a quiet smile. For the main half, halflings make their very own good fortune. nonetheless, many halflings inform stories of these in their type blessed past what might be defined away via self belief and ability. a few halflings even own the power to govern the good fortune of others, inflicting grief and misfortune between their enemies. The presence of those “jinxes” exhibits a distinct supernatural point to the reward of halfling good fortune. Halflings have a protracted heritage on Golarion, yet no longer one simply traced and recorded. Their skill to combination in to their followed cultures and maintain to the history implies that historians frequently omit halfling heroes. Many vital battles have grew to become and evil villains have fallen at the creative activities of halflings, yet their deeds have long past unrecorded. different civilizations have risen to prominence at the backs of halfling slaves, faceless and anonymous and misplaced to background. The presence of halfling slavery in lots of cultures speaks to the software of the race, yet may also generate outrage and sophisticated motion between halflings. the protecting guise of reserved strong cheer and tough paintings that retains halflings secure in unusual lands additionally retains their actual natures hidden. those that may learn halflings needs to glance past their facade and into the complexities underneath. in the event that they are fortunate, they’ll locate there a real middle and joyful significant other on whom to depend. a quick historical past of Halflings anyplace a human has trodden around the land, a halfling shadow them. Halflings don't have any legends of an historical fatherland, neither is there an visible halfling cradle nation from which they emerged. as an alternative, halflings have constantly seemed inside human settlements, operating as servants, explorers, cooks, slaves, or retailers. over the years, as people constructed towns, halflings constructed their very own enclosed groups inside of these towns, carrying on with to paintings along people. Halfling slaves as a part of human settlements return at the least so far as old Osirion. notwithstanding halflings have been too small and too vulnerable to help a lot within the development of a few of the monuments whose ruins seem in Osirion at the present time, they have been valued as caretakers, entertainers, messengers, and scribes. Many halfling slaves have been left deserted after the revolts that collapsed historic Osirian society, which left the households that they had served for years both lifeless or damaged aside. those misplaced halflings migrated to close by Katapesh, the place they sought new houses. a few came across positions there, and their descendents stay there to this present day, dwelling in prosperity.

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