Download E-books To Die For: The Shocking True Story of Serial Killer Dana Sue Gray PDF

By Kathy Braidhill

Impeccably dressed, meticulously neat, Dana Sue grey spared no price on herself. shedding hundreds of thousands of greenbacks on a purchasing binge or a sumptuous day spa was once not anything extra special for Dana-nor for plenty of prosperous ladies. yet Dana wasn't wealthy-she used to be an unemployed nurse. She used to be additionally a serial murderess, who preyed upon aged girls, violently killed them, then used their charge cards to embark on wild, post-murder spending sprees.

Women serial killers are rare-there are just 36 documented cases-and these, like Dana Sue grey, who homicide so brutally that veteran cops are shaken by means of the bloodiness of the crime scene, are even rarer. Now, in an exposé as surprising and interesting as its material, writer Kathy Braidhill explores the lovely tale of Dana Sue grey, essentially the most risky, lethal, and disturbed girls in history.

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